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15 songs to listen to before Gullfest 2017


Editorial Editor

With three artists coming to SOAP’s annual concert event, a lot of possible tracks can be performed. From D.R.A.M.’s brand of corky hip-hop, to Niykee Heaton’s sensual pop songs, to Ripe’s funky yet accessible jams, there will be a lot to absorb on May 7th. Here are five songs to listen to from each artist that they are most likely perform and that students should listen prior to Gullfest.


  1. “Flipside”- while no studio version has been released, their session from Audiotree proves how great they sound life with this song being the best from that session.
  2. “Goon Squad”- funk guitar, blaring horns, tight rhythms, passionate vocals; it is everything a pop-funk song requires and will be a fun song to hear live.
  3. “Talk on the Moon”- their most impressive track in terms of technical musicianship and gathers influence from ska music and math rock.
  4. “On My Mind” (Ellie Goulding cover) – their new single that is quite an excellent cover of the smash song from 2015.
  5. “Ladies Night”- their most smooth track that plays more like late 60’s soul music then 70’s funk.

Niykee Heaton

  1. “Bad Intentions”- her most well-known song with the help of a feature from Migos. There is no sense of her coming to perform if this song is not performed.
  2. “Skin Tight”- Another popular song from her that people will be looking forward to hearing live.
  3. “Nexus”- the most up-tempo track from her debut album that also a very Hip-Hop feel. It also displays how confident she is as an artist.
  4. “Rolling Stones”- comes off like many R&B and pop break-up anthems but excels thanks to her convincing vocal performance
  5. “Lullaby”- a love-making song that burrows heavily from psychedelic pop. Might be too slow for some of the audience but she will most likely make it more enjoyable.


  1. “Cash Machine”- one of many singles from his newest album “Big Daddy D.R.A.M.” This track is just undeniably fun.
  2. “Cha Cha”- the single from his first E.P. “#1EpicEp.” This eccentric island influenced track helped establish D.R.A.M. as an artist. If performed live, hopefully he include all of the funny sound effects from the studio version.
  3. “Brocolli” – the song that made him and Lil Yahty a household name. A simple, yet effective party anthem.
  4. “Slappin”- while this song belongs to E-40, D.R.A.M.’s feature on the chorus make this song a valid option to perform. If this song does not get people dancing, then nothing will.
  5. “Misunderstood”- while Young Thug’s presence would be missed if he performed this, this track is easily one of his most griping tracks.

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