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“Life” is the thriller of the year


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In the past few years there has been an increase in science fiction movies that explore the mysteries of space and extraterrestrials. Thankfully “Life” takes recycled ideas and builds upon to them to create a solid space thriller.

The story line of the movie replicates that of other space thrillers that many associated with upon this film’s trailers. Of course there are some twists and turns that try to switch elements up, and they all work incredibly well.

Director Daniel Espinosa is treading into the territory of great sci-fi film masters like Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan, Alfonso Cuarón, George Lucas, James Cameron, J.J Abrams and Michael Bay. Espinosa had and still has a tough audience to impress considering how weak the trailers for the film were.

This thriller features familiar actors like Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson. Despite this, the character that is expected to be the main character faces a dark fate early on in the film. It is wise to not get too comfortable with any of these characters.

The film also does not fall short when frightening the viewers with the terror of discovering new life and this is accomplished through curiosity and caution. It is clear how much the “Alien” franchise inspired the film especially with the alien itself.

The look of the alien is frightening and stunning to say the least.  The alien looked like a combination of several different movie monsters particularly from the 1980’s.  The alien has some pretty interesting abilities such as rapid growth  and the ability to absorb objects for food. It is quite an impressive Martian and its presence was certainly chilling.

What is most outstanding about the film were the death scenes. The close up camera, in depth visual of each slow and painful death scenes will give many viewers nightmares for weeks to come and question their dreams of becoming an astronaut.

In terms of themes, “Life” is a movie that questions what is more important: Human life or this new life discovered? One of the main characters in the film created/resurrected life. However, when things take a turn for the worse, we are faced with a question what life is more valuable.

Almost everything about this movie was spectacular.  However, one thing that fell short was the ending. The build up to the ending was great but sadly felt a bit short in terms of payoff. It was not remotely shocking at all and was almost disappointing. Nonetheless, it left the movie open for a sequel which has to count for something.

Looking at the different aspects of this alien movie like the story, the look and creativity  of the alien, along with the direction, there is a lot to love about this film.

The Flyer gives “Life” a 9/10.

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