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Has Disney lost its creativity?


Staff Writer

In recent years, Walt Disney Studios has continuously pumped out live action remakes of their classic films that have been box office successes despite having a lack of creativity on the company’s part. “Alice in Wonderland,” “Cinderella,” “The Jungle Book” and, most recently, “Beauty and the Beast,” have all been re-adapted from their older cartoon origins into movies with real actors. Other remakes like “Mulan” and “Aladdin” are in production, and rumors are circulating about even more being made.

All of these live action remakes are most likely being made solely based on profitability. The older films they are based on have a wide audience to reach once they are adapted and promoted. People in their twenties and older who watched them as kids are drawn in, as well as their children and new consumers.

Most of us know the movies, the characters and the songs by heart. It provides a connection between all of us who grew up with these films. The nostalgia alone draws many people to these movies, but there is a sacrifice to all of this when Disney is focusing on this strategy.

These films may be giving us a nostalgic glance into our childhoods, but they will never be as magical as the original. Disney is basically making the same movie again and again, using our own fond memories to cash in at the expense of creativity.

Stories and storytelling are largely essential parts of the human experience. Yet, the film industry is first and foremost a business. Movies are a form of storytelling that lets us know about society, culture and the ideas of the people who create them.

The constant updates being made to the old tales is a sure way for Disney to make millions, at the expense of new stories created about our current time. It is much easier to recreate something already made than to come up with original and compelling content.

Remakes are not necessarily a bad thing, but the huge quantity Disney has been spewing out is excessive. Movies with new characters and plot are risky, which is why many films are either remakes or based on books that have an established audience. But with risk comes reward, and it is going to get tiresome seeing the same old Disney tales brought to life.

The focus on updating the old classics is leading to the absence of new stories and interesting cinema coming from Disney. Hopefully the upcoming adaptations will add new life into the stories, and give them relevance to today’s culture.

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