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Salisbury’s Guide to Student Fitness


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Almost everyone has heard of the “Freshman 15.”  Although not true for everyone, some students may find difficulty in preparing meals now that they are on their own.

The buffet style of Commons, where you can eat all you can imagine from self-serve ice cream, to pastas bars and endless fries, may trap students into unhealthy eating habits.

At the start of each semester, choices are made in eating habits as new classes start and a new schedule forms. A great way to combat weight gain is to take full advantage of the fitness centers that Salisbury University offers.

Maggs gym is the main gym on campus, located near the Perdue School of Business, and is open for students seven days a week. Specific times can be located on the Maggs website.

These hours apply to the entire building, aside from the pool, which includes the main gym, cardio room, weight room, racquetball court and locker rooms. Sometimes the cardio rooms in Maggs gym have classes in the morning during the week, so be sure to check the schedule posted in Maggs as to not conflict with those.

If you enjoy playing sports, but don’t have time to commit to a sport in college, Maggs gym also offers intramural sign-ups. Intramural teams at Salisbury include flag football, cornhole, soccer, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and more!

Although all intramural leagues may not always meet and practice in Maggs, it’s a great way to get active and meet new people, without all the time and effort a NCAA Division III team or club team requires.

Maggs pool, located within the Maggs facility is open certain hours to students for aerobic fitness, and those hours can also be located on the website. The pool also hires certified lifeguards to supervise the pool during the school year and during the summer.

Salisbury University Fitness Club, often referred to as UFC, is the second gym that is free to students with their gull cards. It is located near University Park Apartments.

UFC, like Maggs, has a cardio room, weight room, racquetball courts and locker rooms to change and cool down. Along with those, UFC also has a treadmill room, spin room, group fitness room, ab deck, three additional indoor courts and saunas in both the women’s and men’s locker rooms.

UFC offers yoga classes, spin classes and Zumba classes for students multiple days a week. Check Salisbury University’s website, or stop by UFC to find out what those times are.

Leon Nguyen, a sophomore Communications major, finds time in his schedule to go to the gym five days every week. It has become a part of his lifestyle here at Salisbury University.

“It’s better than spending money at home to get a gym membership,” Nguyen said. “It’s free and Salisbury’s fitness centers have everything you need.”

If you are not a gym person, Salisbury University has numerous outdoor volleyball courts on campus to get physical activity. The quad by the freshman dorms, and the lawn behind Seagull Square are also good places to go, and are normally packed in the warmer weather with people playing pickup games.

The great thing about Salisbury University and the surrounding town is that the area is flat, making it convenient if you would rather skip the gym and go for a run. The outer loop of campus is slightly under a mile and a half in total.

With numerous intramural leagues, an immense amount of lawn space throughout campus and two fantastic fitness facilities, physical activity is hard to avoid. Physical fitness helps to boost mood, relieve stress and increase focus and concentration, having great benefits to the body and mind.

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