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Endless opportunities with SU’s Volunteer Center


Gull Life Editor

Community service opportunities are not hard to come by thanks to the Volunteer Center here on campus.

The Volunteer Center is run by graduate student and former SU Field Hockey player Katie Hastings, and provides students with a wide variety of community service opportunities and ways to get involved locally. It is a subsection of Career Services.

“I just want to find ways to shine the light on the good that students are doing,” Hastings said. “I know, as far as the community, because you are surrounded by a college, that we can maybe sometimes put bad out for the community, but I want to kind of just reflect all the good that students are doing and how much they are volunteering.”

An upcoming opportunity to volunteer through the center will take place on Nov. 16 in which a group of SU students will partner up with the Chesapeake Housing Mission, or CHM, to participate in a ramp build. According to their website, the CHM was formed “to provide vital housing repair services through Christian Mission to low-income families living in the Chesapeake Region.”

“It is a one day project, but it takes a lot of hands on deck,” Hastings said. “At the end of the day we get to meet the family that we are building the ramp for.”

There is no prior experience needed to aid in the construction of the ramp build and transportation will be provided. The build will be capped at 15 volunteers.

Student United Way Fundraising Chair Katelyn Mader has participated on ramp builds with Chesapeake Housing Mission twice. She had no prior construction knowledge.

“I think the biggest take away was finding out that you could go into this thinking you don’t really know how to build anything, but you realize it is actually not that hard,” Mader said. “They told you how to do it and made it simpler.”

Hastings is currently coordinating an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to be able to adopt an angel from an Angel Tree and be responsible for buying Christmas gifts from a wish list. The volunteer center will be responsible for distributing those gifts to the Salvation Army, who will then hand them out to the specified students.

The volunteer center has plans of sponsoring a volunteer trip in spring of 2018, but it is not confirmed if it will be financially feasible.

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